Company Overview

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is a government organization which is built for Canadian citizens. The agency regulates the flow of travellers and trades legitimately. It also enforces law and order to make our country safe and threat-free. They have already implemented more than 90 acts and regulations for the benefit of the civilians who live in Canada. So, if you are planning a trip across the border, CBSA will assist you to escort safely to the foreign land. That is just their primary job; you need their assistance in preparing travel documents, specific duties and taxes while you travel, even assist you to travel along with your pets. Apart from that, the CBSA also assist business entities who deal with import and exports, trade facilitation, and many more services.

Job Opportunity

CBSA is continuously looking for the right people for several departments. However, the most requested jobs that they offer is from the Border Service Department. Apart from that, CBSA often seeks for people in the following departments:

  • Border management: If you are a determined individual with robust information exploring skills and reliable diagnosis capability, then this is a job for you.
  • Science and technology: If you are confident in resolving tough industry-based problems, then you can apply in the Science and technology department of CBSA.
  • Enabling services: If you believe you can build strategies based on distinct perceptions, then you may fancy yourself in the Enabling services department.
  • Strategic policy: This department deals with understanding future trends and creates contingency plans. You can try if you possess such skills.
  • Student opportunities: If you are a student and want to contribute your talent for the sake of the country, then this is, of course, the right place for you.
  • Indigenous recruitment: Some people make strategies, and some execute those strategies. This department deals with the second option. Apply if you believe you can.

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Vacancies available in Canada Border Services Agency

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Salary Packages

Canada Border Services Agency is a large company that has several job openings all around the world. So, we are mentioning some of the most common jobs with its average salaries.

  • CBSA Border Services Officer: This is one of the most common vacancies of CBSA with an average yearly remuneration of $71,896.
  • CBSA Senior Program Officer: This job is skilful and hence, less common. The pay scale is decent – yearly $83,401 average salary.
  • CBSA Senior Trade Compliance Officer: Typically, the vacancy ratio lurks around program officers, but the pay scale is a bit low – yearly $76,246 averagely.
  • CBSA Programmer Analyst: This is an elite job from CBSA; however, the yearly salary is not that lucrative – $73,020 averagely.
  • CBSA Senior Systems Analyst/Designer: The average salary is $109,000 yearly. It justifies the skills the individuals possess.
  • CBSA Border Patrol Agent: This is a tough job, and CBSA is happy to pay an average salary of $99,500 yearly to these elite gentlemen.

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The jobs that we have mentioned just now are the most common vacancies of Canada Border Services Agency. So, we are focusing on all the benefits that you will get if you join in that particular post.

  • CBSA Border Services Officer: Prior to the salary, every Border Services Officer will get insurance benefits that include Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and many more. They will also get Workers Compensation and other Retirement benefits along with the several EI benefits.
  • CBSA Senior Program Officer: Every CBSA Senior Program Officer will get regular life insurance and health insurance benefits. Not only that, they will get Financial & Retirement benefits, Family & Parenting benefits, Vacation & Time Off benefits, and Professional Supports.
  • CBSA Senior Trade Compliance Officer: CBSA is quite consistent with the benefits they offer to their employees. The Senior Trade Compliance Officer will get Perks & Benefits like Employee Assistance Program and Gym Membership. Prior to that, Insurance, Health & Wellness insurance, and Financial & Retirement benefits.
  • CBSA Programmer Analyst: All the CBSA Programmer Analysts will get Family & Parenting benefits like Work from Home, Maternity & Paternity Leave, and Job-Sharing benefits. Apart from that, Vacation & Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, and all sorts of necessary insurance and retirement benefits.
  • CBSA Senior Systems Analyst/Designer: Apart from the lucrative salary package, Senior Systems Analysts get some added benefits like all the necessary insurance plans like term- life, health, disability, and many more. To add to that, they also get a retirement plan, Performance Bonus, and Employee Assistance Program.
  • CBSA Border Patrol Agent: Border Patrol Agent gets a lot of benefits apart from their basic salary. Family & Parenting, Vacation & Time Off, Financial & Retirement, Professional Support, Insurance, Health & Wellness, and Perks & Benefits are some significant benefits they get.

The Conclusion

Canada Border Services Agency is a government undertaking company. Naturally, jobs are secure. So, if you see any job vacancy, don’t hesitate to apply instantly.