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Latest Job Opportunities at Amazon – Canada

Amazon is arguably the biggest e-Commerce company around the world that has its existence on almost every significant country in the world. Originally, Amazon is a US-based company with the headquarter located in Seattle. The company earned a revenue of roughly US$280.522 Billion and has around 798,000 active employees all around the world. Over the years, it gained fame not only in the e-Commerce domain but also made a significant presence in streaming services too. It has been 25 years since Amazon was established. They quickly expanded their services to Canada and made a significant impact over here too. Currently, more than 12,000 people work in Amazon Canada, of which 800 employees are involved directly in the technical department. In contrast, 2,000 among them works in the “Amazon Fulfilment Centre’s.; Needless to say, it is a large company with tons of job opportunities as well.

Company : Amazon
Job : various
Location : Canada

Job Opportunities

Since we are discussing the job opportunities of Amazon Canada, we are only considering the core company services. That means we are excluding Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, and all such endeavours that the company also has. So, down below are the most significant departments that you should check out:

  • Corporate: This is where the brain of the company is. There are tons of opportunities for anyone to exploit. However, Amazon is a reputed company and typically prefers people with experience, at least for this department. You can try your luck in Data Engineering, Financial Analyst, and hundreds of other vacant posts.
  • Fulfilment Centre: The Fulfilment Centre, as they call it, is the central operational unit of Amazon. Naturally, there are tons of work scopes that one might be engaged in. You can be a Transportation Associate or work in the Warehouse with plenty of options. What is interesting is there are quite some part-time job opportunities as well.
  • Work from Home: It is okay to admit that this section is limited. However, still, there are quite some work scopes that one can utilize as we particularly if you have experience in that respective domain. You can try and apply for Digital Devices and Alexa Support Associate, which is an interesting choice today.
  • Customer Service: Customer Service is the most integral part of their entire operations. As they do deal with clients directly, it is imperative that they maintain a healthy rapport. So, they hire tons of quality people who have excellent communication skills. And, there are quite some part-time jobs available to get excited as well.
  • Student Program: Amazon offers Internships and direct jobs to students as well. They believe in recruiting young talents to perform some of the most active posts. There are several job opportunities in almost all departments with the option to work part-time as well as full-time. AWS Commercial Sales Intern is one the best example.

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Vacancies available

Software Development Engineer
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Senior Software Development Manager - AWS Kinesis
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Software Development Engineer, Yard Technology
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Technical Program Manager
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Software Development Manager
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Senior Software Development Engineer
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Salary & Benefits

People usually love to work in Amazon as not only the company offers quite a handsome salary packages, they also provide several additional benefits as well. To start with, they offer several Financial Security Plans, that typically involves insurance plans covering families too. Then, we have the Medical insurances as well with minimum contributions.

Apart from that, Amazon takes a keen interest in the overall growth of every employee. That is why they conduct frequent training and meeting to meet up the current technological advancements. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t allow their employees to take leaves they deserve. In fact, they offer paid leaves too. The icing of the cake is the Employees Stocks benefit to selected employees.

Now, once we understand the additional benefits, it is time to discuss some of the most significant jobs roles and the annual average salary packages they get:

  • Software Development Engineer: The average annual salary package of an Amazon Software Development Engineer is roughly $1,05,371. To add to that, they also offer a yearly Cash Bonus of $21,108 and Stock Bonus of $21,108 per annum. That is not all; they also get approximately $3,646 per annum as Profit Sharing and an additional Tip of $2,101 per annum.
  • Area Manager: The Amazon Area Manager gets a yearly average remuneration of $68,675. Alongside that, they get roughly $12,124 as Cash Bonus and $15,142 as Stock Bonus per year.
  • Fulfilment Associate: The Fulfilment Associate of Amazon receives $32,000 per annum as the average salary. Apart from that, they also get a Cash Bonus of $1,212 per annum.
  • Process Assistant: Averagely an Amazon Process Assistant, gets a salary of around $38,000 per annum. On top of that, there is also a Cash Bonus of $1,259, a Stock Bonus of $1,298, and some random amount of Profit-Sharing and Tips every year.
  • Senior Technical Program Manager: A Senior Technical Program Manager get around $1,39,027 as average annual remuneration, along with roughly $21,319 and $54,684 as Cash Bonus and Stock Bonus respectively.

The Conclusion

Amazon is one of the best corporate company to work on that offer lucrative salaries, additional benefits, and values work ethics. So, if you get one opportunity, don’t miss it!

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