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Canada Post is, without a doubt, the best parcel delivery company in Canada. The institution was established in the year 1867, but back then it was known as Royal Mail Canada, the official postal service of Canada. The name was re-branded in the year 1960. Canada Post is a fully operational Government body today, offering services to more than 16 million physical addresses and delivered lapproximately 8.4 billion parcels every year. The total annual revenue reached more than 7.5 billion, land that tells the monopoly market it holds all over Canada. However, we are not here to discuss what the company has achieved over the years; instead, we will take a peek into the career opportunities it can offer.

Employer : Canada Post
Job : Various
Location : Canada

Job Opportunities

Canada Post is a government operating postal services that run all around the country. So, whether you are a student looking for your first job, or a professional looking for a job change, Canada Post is one of the best career options in Canada. The jobs are secured with handsome salary packages. Not to mention the bonuses and other significant features that you might get if you are selected. There is an exclusive job application procedure, and you will find the instructions on their website. Once you apply for the job, there is a dedicated recruitment panel, and they follow some protocols to choose the best suitable candidate. You will also get the instructions for the selection process on their official website.

Now, if we discuss the career opportunities; Canada Post typically offers placements in two different domains – retail postings and non-retail postings. So, let us briefly know what these are:

  • Retail Postings: The retail unit of Canada Post serves the general citizens all over Canada. They have their physical existence in all provinces and territories. There, it is obvious they need a considerable number of employees to deliver the services promptly. If you are looking to apply for the retail unit of Canada Post, there are indeed a lot of vacancies all around the year. You can try from a variety of job opportunities that a post office typically offers.
  • Non-Retail Postings: If you believe you are energetic and don’t want to work inside of an office all the time, you should try from the opportunities that the non-retail department of Canada Post is offering. As they are the best parcel delivery company in Canada, the pressure for dispatching and safe delivery of parcels to different parts of the country is enormous. Naturally, they need a massive workforce to keep up the good work. So, you can try their non-retail jobs; you will get a good salary along with some decent benefits.

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Canada Post – Vacancies available

Salary Packages

Canada Post is proud to offer jobs to various job opportunities. So, we are focussing on some of the job opportunities they are offering in all the provinces on both their retail and no-retail departments.

  • Postal Clerk: If you believe you are capable of handling material equipment, then probably you should try this retail post of Canada Post. They offer an average of $61,083 per annum.
  • Letter Carrier – Delivery Agent: This an active job and requires a passion for visiting several places in Canada. Canada Post is always proud to offer this non-retail post. You can get an average of $56,363 annually.
  • Managers: The manager is one of the most responsible roles that Canada Post is offering. It can be of both retail and non-retail, or sometimes act a bridge between both the departments. They offer $93,240 as an average annual salary.
  • Industrial Engineer: Industrial Engineers in Canada Post are treated very respectfully. They get an average of $81,607 per annum.

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The benefits that Canada Post offers is decent enough. Now, some benefits are exclusive to a category, but most of them are applicable to almost every employee.

  • Postal Clerk: Almost every employee gets health and term-life insurance as additional
    benefits. On top of that, they get excellent Perks and benefits, along with 5% vacation pay. They also get a decent pension plan and seven additional days of holiday prior to the usual holidays.
  • Letter Carrier – Delivery Agent: They get an average of $2,128 as Cash Bonus and $2,689 averagely as Profit Sharing. Apart from that, an average of $1,674 asĀ  Commission Sharing and $3,378 averagely as Tips. Now, all of these benefits amounts are yearly incomes.
  • Managers: Apart from the general insurance plans, a manager gets an average of $11,133 per annum as Cash Bonus. Some other benefits are Vacation & Time Off and Family & Parenting leaves.
  • Industrial Engineer: Canada Post entitles an average of $8,552 per annum as Cash Bonus. The usual insurance benefits like medical, term-life, accidental benefits also apply to Industrial Engineers.

The Conclusion

Canada Post is a government organization, and typically, job securities are considerably high here. However, you can argue that the pay scale is not as good as other companies, but it is comparatively easy to get a job as well.

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