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Latest Job Opportunities at Canadian National Railway – Canada

The Canadian National Railways (CN) is the largest network of railway service in the country. It is one of the Class 1 Freight Railway services which has its existence not only in Canada but also connects Midwestern and Southern parts of United States. The CN is a transcontinental railway service, which is only one in Canada. That means, in Nova Scotia, it connects the Atlantic Ocean. In British Columbia, it combines the coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean. CN has its existence spread over 32,831 km, distributed mostly in Canada and some parts of the United States as well. More than 24,000 employees work in this colossal company and have a market cap of roughly $90 billion. The company was founded in the year 1919, and back then, people used to call it CNR in short, which got changed in 1960 to just CN. CN is a government-owned company with Bill Gates as the major shareholder to date.

Company : Canadian National Railway
Job : various
Location : Canada

CN Today

As we have mentioned before that CN has its existence in both Canada and the US; Grand Trunk Corporation controls all the legal affairs. It is an organization that manages all US operations. However, it is still CN that leads the Grand Trunk Corporation along with all its activities. After the significant acquisition of Illinois Central back in 1998, the main focus of CN tilted towards scheduled freight railroad and railway services. Apparently, that had improved the general relationship among the shippers. At the same time, there has been a significant reduction in maintaining pools for excess locomotives and freight vehicles. CN also has taken initiatives to remove the double-track sections that allowed them to extend passing the sidings in some notable locations.

Over the years, The CN has become one of the leaders in radio-control (R/C) employment that switches the locomotives in its respective yards. Eventually, it had reduced the workers significantly, which it once required. When it comes to recognition, this government-own company have been praised by the entire North American rail industry circles. It often considered as the most-improved company of the last century as well.


The company was in its low during the time between the two World Wars, and after that, the trend at that time was to fly or to drive new cars. However, things have changed after 1960. The company has taken over the rival CPR, which eventually reduced the travel fare significantly. With the introduction of the Red, Blue, and White fare structures, people soon find it intriguing on locomotives travelling. Soon, they rebranded the express trains to Rapido that connects the Ontario – Quebec corridor.

The next evolution was in 1968 with the introduction of the United Aircraft Turbo trains that run on Gas Turbines and can pick up a high speed. It reduced the time to travel from Toronto to Montreal considerably low. However, this mode of transit found to be expensive, and therefore, the service shut down in 1982. However, the technology remains, and it has implemented in later years.

The company has evolved with time and also withstand a fair share of failures. What is to appreciate is they learned from their mistakes and always improved on their next ventures. The company has one of the highest networks of railway tracks in the world right now, connecting the west coast with the east coast along with the US.

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Career Opportunities

CN is a large company, which is entirely a government initiative. So, hundreds of job opportunities are there for anyone to get. There are job opportunities in Canada as well as in the United States. So, we are mentioning some of the jobs that are in an offering right now to get a glimpse of the average salary they provide.

  • Train Conductor: The average salary package that they are offering is $86,417 per annum. Apart from that, the Train Conductors also get a cash bonus of $5,029 per annum as well. Alongside that, there are tons of other benefits that they also get.
  • Freight Conductor: Freight Conduction is an elite job, and CN provides $99,146 per annum as average salaries. Of course, there are other interests like insurance plans and perk benefits as well included in the package.
  • Locomotive Engineer: The job of a Locomotive Engineer can be hectic at times. That is why CN provides a lucrative average salary package – $1,28,563 per annum. On top of that, there are additional allowances like Stock Bonus and Profit Sharing, which are also included. Like all the employees, they also get insurance and other perk benefits.

Vacancies available

The Conclusion

It is safe to say the Canadian National Railways is one of the most trusted companies in Canada right now, if not the whole world. It has some staggering achievements of being a locomotive manufacturing unit. So, working for such a company is a privilege the no one should let go of.

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