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Latest Job Opportunities at Durex – Canada

Company Overview

Durex is one of the largest manufacturers of condoms in the world. More than 30% of the worlds’ population uses Durex condoms for protective sex. However, Durex is not a company; it is a brand owned by a company known as Reckitt Benckiser. Before that, Durex is owned by SSL International, a UK based company which was taken over by Reckitt Benckiser in the year 2010. The brand is more than 80 years old and has its existence all over the world. In Canada as well, they are extremely popular and one of the top-selling brands of Condom and its related accessories.

Durex is primarily a manufacturing unit. However, there are sales and marketing department along with the team that manages the corporate affairs. Naturally, there are ample job opportunities that you can grab on. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss all the job opportunities they offer inside Canada along with the salary packages they offer to their employees. We will also discuss the additional benefits they get from the company, as well.

Job Opportunities

Durex is an internationally reputed brand. Therefore, they have to have a steady management team. Therefore, there are numerous job opportunities for you if you stay alert. Before we dive into the salary packages and benefits, it is essential to know what are the areas you can actually apply for.

  • Sales & Marketing Division: The sales & marketing team is everywhere – whether it is large pharmacies or retail outlets, be that online store or small medicine store. Durex needs a lot of people to keep the revenue flow intact all around the country. So, if you think you have that in it, feel free to apply.
  • Supply Division: As mentioned before, around 30% of the population uses Durex condoms. So, the supply team has to stay sharp all the time. They don’t sell just condoms; however, they have other intimate sex toys and lubricants to sell and deliver. Therefore, you will find enough vacancies throughout the year.
  • Finance Division: You will find numerous jobs opportunities in the finance division if you have that particular skills. Some essential works they do are brand and customer planning, risk management, internal control tracking, M&A, and project valuation. Naturally, there are ample opportunities to sneak in.
  • Research & Development Division: The Research & Development (R&D) team is a particular unit where every company expects a firm result. So, if you are a nerd and suits your skill set, then this is the division where you can follow your passion and innovate something new.
  • Other Corporate Opportunities: Every company needs some fundamental corporate jobs roles to fill up the gaps. Information Technology deals with all the machinery and the technology-based protocols, while the HR division takes care of the employment affairs. You can hook yourself in either of the departments as these excellent job opportunities as well.

Vacancies available

Hospital Account Manager
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Supply Planner
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Senior Regulatory Associate
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Bilingual Consumer Resource Center Specialist
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Manager, Business Analysis & Portfolio Profitability
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Sales Analyst
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Trade Marketing Manager
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Demand Planner
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Regulatory Associate
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Salary Packages & Benefits

Durex Canada is one of the reputed brands in the country that pay decent salary packages to its employees. To add to that, there are a bunch of benefits as well for the employees. Now, more or less every employee of Durex Canada gets some common benefits prior to their salaries, such as the benefits related to Insurance, Health & Wellness, Financial & Retirement, Family & Parenting, Vacation & Time Off, Perks, and Professional Support. Now, you must understand that not every

employee gets everything that we have mentioned. It is just like the better the post, the more benefits they will get. Now, let us check out some of the salary packages that Durex Canada offers.

  • Brand Manager: A Brand Manager receives an average salary package of $98,158. On top of that, they also get a Cash Bonus of $20,835 per annum.
  • Key Account Manager: The average salary package of a Key Account Manager is $115,886 per annum. Apart from that, they get $19,382 per annum as Cash Bonus.
  • Sales Analyst: On average, the Sales Analyst of Durex Canada receives a salary of $60,500 per annum. Prior to that, they also receive a Cash Bonus of $5,500 per annum.
  • Demand Planning Manager: Durex Canada offers an average salary package of $1,06,500‬ per annum to the Demand Planning Managers. They also get an additional $21,500 per annum as Profit Sharing.
  • Project Manager: The Project Managers of Durex Canada receives a salary package of $85,500 per annum averagely. They also enjoy a Cash Bonus of $6,000 per annum.
  • Trading Support Executive: A Trading Support Executive of Durex Canada gets an average of $81,500‬ annually as salary. Meanwhile, they also get around $5,500 per annum as Cash Bonus.

The Conclusion

Reckitt Benckiser is the current owner of the world-famous condom brand Durex. We have to say; they are doing a fabulous job since 2010. So, if you get a job there, stick with them as they provide a healthy work environment.

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