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Latest job opportunities at Google – Canada

Google is among those companies in the world that doesn’t require a brand introduction. We all know Google, no matter which part you are in the world. It is, of course, an American company established on September 4, 1998. For over 21 years, they are one of the tech giants on planet earth. Apart from being the world’s best search engine, they are into several other ventures, namely cloud computing, software, and hardware.

As of 2019, more than 114,096 employees are working for Google. They have their presence in almost every country in the world except China, and Canada is no exception either. More than 5,000 active employees work for Google in this country, and therefore, you can expect tons of job opportunities too. So, in this article, we will learn about the job prospects for Canadian residents in Google. We will also talk about crucial personnel and their average annual salary package. Finally, we will conclude the discussion with the additional benefits that most Google employees working in Canada receive.

Job Opportunities

What you must understand is Google is a tech-based company. So, most of their operations are categorized into five major divisions. Those job opportunities are applicable here in Canada as well. Let us take a look.

  1. Online Advertising Technologies: One of the primary reasons why Google is so popular is because it is also the best online platform for advertisements. Millions of businesses promote their products and services using Google platforms, also in Canada. Naturally, they need people to maintain the flow of operation. That is where you can try your luck. There are dedicated courses in Digital Marketing that Google itself certifies. So, you can always complete a course and try to get a job in this division.
  2. Search Engine: There are people who access Google before they check out any other site. So, that speaks volume on the popularity of the Google Search Engine. This is a great place where you can look for a job as well. Google changes its algorithms on a regular interval, and they are always in need of specialists who can introduce new ideas and maintain the course of action.
  3. Cloud Computing: Over the years, more and more people are getting invested in keeping critical data online. Google is, of course, winning the race in Online Cloud Storage and Computing services. They offer robust services to both business houses and general people. So, they need staff members to keep its operation going. Therefore, you must try whenever you get an opportunity, which is more often than you think.
  4. Software: Google is a full-fledged software development company. They even have their own Operating System – Nexus in collaboration with Android. Today, however, there are several dedicated software packages they have developed that need constant monitoring and upgradation. Moreover, the R&D team is designed to innovate new technologies in future as well. So, here you will get ample job opportunities provided you got to have adequate skills that match their demands.
  5. Hardware: Google have set foot in Hardware for some time now. There are dedicated Google devices like Google Pixel Phones, Chromebooks, Chromecast, and many more. So, this is their most significant unit where tons of new jobs are available. From the manufacturing of devices to its retail units, you can get a job anywhere.

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Vacancies available

Retail Partner Manager, Chrome OS
View & Apply
Game Director, First-Party Games, Stadia
View & Apply
Sales Engineer, Data Analytics, Google Cloud
View & Apply
Senior Game Designer, First-Party Games, Stadia Games/Entertainment
View & Apply
Sales Developer, Application Modernization, Google Cloud
View & Apply
Game Producer, First Party, Stadia
View & Apply
Enterprise UX Designer, Stadia
View & Apply
Data Center Technician
View & Apply
Cross-Google Partner Manager, Partnerships Solutions
View & Apply

Salary & Benefits

Before we jump down to the crucial job roles and their salary discussion, let us know what additional benefits that most Google employees get here in Canada. Now, understand that these are not for everybody but to most of them. The first thing is the insurance plans they offer, which comes with decent coverages along with medical insurance and pension plans.

Apart from that, there are maternity leaves, vacations, time-offs available to most employees. There are a limited number of employees who get cash bonuses and incentives based on their
performances. On top of that, there are loads of perk benefits too – employee discounts, free meals, gym membership, and many more. Finally, Google also inspires its employees to participate in diversity programs, job training & tuitions, and apprenticeship programs.

Now, let us learn about some personnel and their salary packages:

  • Software Engineer: These guys typically get around $1,06,397 per annum as their salary.
    Along with that, roughly $16,150 as Cash Bonus, $42,972 as Stock Bonus, and $53,303 as
    Profit Sharing per year, respectively.
  • Analyst: An Analyst working is Google receives around $64,099 per annum as their salary.
  • Mechanical Engineer: The Mechanical Engineers of Google gets a yearly remuneration of
    around $42,500.
  • Technical Account Manager: They get roughly $1,51,500‬ per annum as their yearly average
    salary. Alongside that, they also get Cash Bonus of around $27000 and Stock Bonus of about $35,000 per annum, respectively.
  • Business Analyst: A Business Analyst gets $56,500‬ per annum as their salary.

The Conclusion

Google is one of the best tech companies to work for. They have had a global presence, and Canada is not an exception. So, join Google whenever you get a chance.

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