Famous Filipino fast food chain Jollibee starts hiring for Canada

Jollibee is a worldwide fast food retail store, established in the year 1975 in the Philippines. Since then, they have practically deputized Hamburgers all around the world. After getting substantial business volumes from countries like Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Qatar, and the USA, they opened their first outlet in Canada in 2016. Not surprisingly, it was an instant hit here.

The food that Jollibee offers is delicious, and the variant of Burgers, Spaghettis, and Chicken snacks are mouth-watering. So far, they only have outlets in two provinces, Manitoba and Ontario, but new outlets are scheduled to open soon.

Jollibee is an international company. Although they just opened their outlets a few years ago in Canada, they are planning big as people just love what they are offering. Naturally, that will open doors to new job opportunities, especially for the young generation who look for part-time jobs with decent pay. So, in this article, we will discuss the current job opportunities they are offering now along with the salary packages and the additional benefits. We will also discuss the future job probabilities they may introduce.

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Job Opportunities

Even though Jollibee is a worldwide company, there is no doubt that with only four outlets in two provinces, Manitoba and Ontario, it would be unwise to expect a lot of job opportunities. However, they opened four outlets in just three years! That itself is a sign that things are working out correctly as they anticipated. Still, it is just four outlets and there aren’t many opportunities.

Another problem is that the administrative department is not here in Canada. The company operates its administration and management operations entirely from the Philippines. So, job opportunities related to admin and management are not there, and you can only find a job among their four retail outlets.

Jollibee Canada – Vacancies available

Salary & Benefits

As discussed, a few times now, that the job opportunities here are slim. Still, there are some posts which often need new people to fill in the gaps. So, let us discuss 2-3 job opportunities along with the salaries and benefits they receive.

  • Restaurant Manager: Jollibee Canada offers an average yearly salary of $49,200 to the Restaurant Manager. To add to that, these managers also get some additional benefits. To start with, the insurance plans which includes life insurance and extended health benefits. They also get perks like paid vacation and sick leaves. Not only that, but the restaurant managers also enjoy meals at a reduced price and incentive bonus twicea year.
  • Crew Member: The average salary package offer by Jollibee Canada to the Crew Members is $27,500 per annum. It is an average pay-out, according to some experts. However, apart from the salary, they get some additional benefits. They provide a life insurance plan with a decent coverage along with an extended healthcare insurance plan. They also get paid sick leaves and frequent cash bonuses. Another benefit is that they get meals at 50% price.
  • Senior Crew Member: There are not much of difference between the job responsibility between a Crew Member and a Senior Crew Member. Although the Senior Crew member receives an average of $30,000 per annum as salary, the benefits they get is identical to what a typical crew member gets. The insurance plan and the extended healthcare insurance coverage amount typically remains the same; so, does the number of sick leaves. There may be a difference in cash bonuses they receive, but the 50% priced meal feature is the same for both.
  • Restaurant Supervisor: The Restaurant Supervisors fill in the managerial gap between the crew members and the managers; they receive an average of $44,600 per annum as their salary. The benefits part is similar to what other employees get; however; the amount varies up and down a bit. There are life insurance plan and extended healthcare insurance plan for the supervisor as well. The cash bonus frequency and also the amount lower-downs for them, but the meal offer is the same. Perk benefits are also similar to all the other employees.

Future Speculation

As promised, we will discuss the future probabilities of Jollibee Canada. In the US, 37 retail outlets are operating actively. They have started their expedition in the US in the year 1998. So, if we observe the progress ratio and compare that with what is here in Canada, we can expect at least 30 – 35 retail outlets spread around all the provinces and territories in the upcoming 20 years. We may end up getting more because of social media awareness. So, we can expect a lot many job opportunities here in Canada as well.

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The Conclusion

Jollibee is still very new in Canada. Therefore, job opportunities are limited. However, if you managed to get a job there, you should be grateful, especially if you are a student doing part-time jobs. Wages are decent with the meal benefit makes it worthy enough to work.

How to Apply

Interested candidates send CV to below email address

E-MAIL : [email protected]

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