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Maple Leaf Foods is one of the leading packaged meats company in Canada. The company established in the year 1991 when Canada Packers, which was a pinnacle of meat packer industry at that time, merged with Maple Leaf Mills. They believe that they can transform the world’s food system in a way where it can endure, and flourish, for ages to come. There are over 11,500 employees scattered all around both in retail and non-retail divisions. So, here in this exclusive article, we will discuss the career opportunities that Maple Leaf Foods is offering to freshers, experienced, and students all around Canada.

Company : Maple Leaf
Job : various
Location : Canada

Job Opportunities

Maple Leaf Foods provide great packaged food, keeping the nutrition intact without compromising the taste. Naturally, it is a big task to perform day in and day out. So, they always seek passionate people who also believe the cause of making it the most sustainable protein company on earth. There is no doubt that Maple Leaf Foods is a large company with many divisions. So, you should check these following divisions of the company and figure out which one you believe is best for you.

  • Agricultural Operations: There are numerous opportunities like hog production facilities, poultry hatcheries, and harvesting plants. So, you can apply if you think this is where you belong.
  • Corporate and Public Affairs: Since Maple Leaf Foods is a publicly traded company, it always seeks people who can build a corporate relationship between consumers, other companies, and the government.
  • Finance and Accounting: When you have given the responsibility to maintain financial records of a company as big as Maple Leaf Foods, it takes some skills to do correctly. Apply if you think you are up for this.
  • Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Technical Services: You can choose from various job opportunities in this division – Food Safety, Quality Assurance, and Technical Services.
  • Human Resources: If you have a strong sense of authentic work culture, and you believe that you have the skill to manage and motivate a team or individual, then you should apply in this division.
  • Information Solutions: This is a division of tech lovers. So, if you think you are passionate about building futuristic techs relevant to their line of industry, don’t waste more time and apply now.
  • Manufacturing & Engineering: Manufacturing right quality products keeping the nutritive values intact is the primary function of Maple Leaf Foods. So, they always need people who can do justice with this division. Apply if you are confident!
  • Marketing & Sales: This is where the actual business is. So, if you think you have the dynamic personality to bring that to the table, then you should apply in its sales and marketing division.
  • Six Sigma: Six Sigma is a unique initiative by Maple Leaf Foods to ensure continuous improvement of products and optimum consumer satisfaction. You can apply here, as they have ample job opportunities in this division.
  • Supply Chain & Purchasing: It is not easy to meet up the daily demand and supply. There are many job opportunities in this division that will thrive your career. So, you can apply if you believe you can.

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Maple Leaf Foods – Vacancies available

Salary & Benefits

With so many divisions, you will bound to get some opportunity in Maple Leaf Foods. Meanwhile, we will now discuss some of the job roles, their average annual salary, and the benefits they get.

  • Foods Production Supervisor: The average salary that a Foods Production Supervisor gets is $68,459 per annum. However, they also get essential insurances and pension plans along a Cash Bonus of $1,323, Stock Bonus of $2,633, and Commission Sharing of $32,473 per annum.
  • Foods Six Sigma Black Belt: Foods Six Sigma Black Belt is an elite job role, and Maple Leaf provides an average annual salary of $107,073. Some added benefits are general insurance plans, pension plans, a Cash Bonus of $8,361 per year, and a Stock Bonus of $7,559 per year.
  • Foods Senior Financial Analyst: Maple Leaf offers $78,189 per annum averagely as salary. Apart from that, they also provide term-life insurance, health insurance, pension plan, a Cash Bonus of $6,150 per annum, Profit Sharing of $6,740.
  • Foods Assistant Marketing Manager: The Foods Assistant Marketing Manager of Maple Leaf Foods get an annual salary of $71,147 averagely. Prior to that, they also get a yearly Cash Bonus of $2,351. Not only that, but they also get regular insurance plans like term-life, health, and pension plan.

The Conclusion

Maple Leaf Foods strongly prioritize the core value of their products. They don’t want any
compromises while dealing with regular activities. So, if you are thinking about making a career here, you should understand that you have to stay active and always make constant efforts to uplift your skills. Having said so, it is a fantastic place with a suitable work environment. So, you better don’t leave the opportunity.

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