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Latest Job Opportunities at Telus – Canada

Telus is a Canadian telecommunication company which has a wide range of services. Those services typically include voice calling, domestic & commercial internet, IPTV, video streaming, and healthcare. Incorporated in 1990, Telus has quickly become a corporate giant, and today, it is among the best telecom companies in the country. As per the last reports in 2019, the net revenue that they have generated is 14.67 billion, which speaks the volume itself. Now, there are roughly 59,300 active employees in the company, as per the last report we got in 2018. That number has undoubtedly risen as new services are always in depletion. That automatically creates a number of job opportunities in the country. What we will do is to explore all the segments where you might get a job. Also, we will discuss how much salary their employees get. At the same time, we will find what additional benefits Telus provide to most of its employees.

Company : Telus
Job : Various
Location : Canada

Job Opportunities

There are several divisions where you may look for a job depending upon your skills:

  • Contact Centre: This is the customer care service department where they need people more often than any other division. So, if you have decent communication skills, you must give it a try here.
  • Retail: The Retail unit of Telus always in pursuit of people who have a dynamic personality and can deal with their customers efficiently. This segment is constantly in demand for new faces, which can be you.
  • Technicians: Telecom is always a domain where people will bound to face issues. So, if you are technically sound, the place can be yours anytime.
  • Health: Telus also offer Healthcare services that always required skilful employees. However, this is where you need some past experience to apply.
  • Technology Solutions: Telus offers a wide range of products and services that continuously require monitoring. Also, to be at the top of the industry, they are always in search of qualified engineers who could elevate their services to a new height.
  • Sales and Marketing: Acquiring new clients need prompt marketing. Therefore, Telus always give prime priority to this department as it is their revenue-generating unit. So, apply if you have adequate personality and mental toughness.
    Operations: In the operations division, all the primary level job is done. It is not the division with the greatest number of job opportunities. However, whatever the scope the do has here are quality jobs. So, if you have the experience, you must give it a try.
  • People & Culture: This is basically the HR department of the company. Here people get selected for every division and where the code of conduct are created. So, apply if you are interested in this particular domain.
  • Finance and Corporate Affairs: Managing finance and corporate affairs are the toughest jobs in the company. Naturally, they always look for the people who have got creating minds. Apply if you are up for the challenge.
  • Students and New Grads: One of the compelling factors that make Telus a famous brand to work for is the fact they recruit students and fresh graduates. There are internship offers available for the students as well to cash in.

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Vacancies available

Sales RepresentativeView & Apply
Senior Product Manager-Prepaid Multi-Brand EnablementView & Apply
Account Manager MidMarket (Montréal)View & Apply
Temporary Store ManagerView & Apply
Systems Architect - DevOps Support View & Apply
Technical Customer Support Agent I View & Apply
Bilingual Partner Sales Support RepView & Apply
Senior Business Analyst-StrategyView & Apply
Senior Product ManagerView & Apply

Salary & Benefits

Down below, we have gathered some information about some critical personnel working in the company along with the average yearly remuneration they get:

  • Business Analyst: A Telus Business Analyst gets around $67,031 per annum as their salary. On top of that, they also get $5,429 as Cash Bonus, $2,029 as Stock Bonus, and $4,336 as Profit Sharing Allowance.
  • Product Manager: A Product Manager working in Telus typically receives an average of $81,473 per annum as their salary. Additionally, they also get Cash Bonus of $8,440, Stock Bonus of $4,922, and Profit-Sharing Allowance of $8,522 per year.
  • Sales Representative: On an hourly basis, a Sales Rep earns around $12, which means they get roughly $37,000 per year. Alongside that, there are some additional benefits – $3,060, $1,925, $2,473, and $12,582, for Cash Bonus, Stock Bonus, Profit Sharing Allowance, and Commission Sharing Allowance, respectively.
  • Marketing Manager: The elite Marketing Managers of Telus gets around $78,839 per annum. Prior to that, they also receive a Cash Bonus of $9,298, Stock Bonus of $5,395, Profit Sharing Allowance of $5,397, and Tips of around $3,430, all per year, respectively.
  • Account Manager: Usually, they get around $61,083 per year as their salary. Of course, there are Cash Bonus of $19,951 and Stock Bonus of $4,710 per year.

Telus offers top-notch additional benefits which have excellent coverages in Insurance and Pension Plans. Additionally, there is the Workers’ Compensation, Maternity & Paternity Leaves, Work from Home option, Vacation & Paid Time Offs, Sick Leave, and many more. Of course, there are other Perk benefits like Employee Discounts, Free Meals, Gym Membership, and so on.

The Conclusion

Telus provides a fantastic brand name on your resume. They offer decent salary packages and well- crafted additional benefit packages. So, it makes sense that you should not miss any opportunity to work from them.

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