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Latest Job opportunities in Micron – Singapore

Micron Technology is arguably one of the leading computer memory and computer data storage producers in the world right now. Incorporated in the year 1978, the company has its physical existence in China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and of course, in the US, where the company headquarter is. They offer three leading brands – Micron, Crucial, and Ballistix, that revolutionized the memory and storage technologies like NAND, DRAM, 3D XPoint, and NOR. The most significant manufacturing footprint of Micron Technology is in Singapore. Apart from that, three fabrication facilities along with a test & assembly facility are also located here. To add to that, the company is also expanding its sales & marketing unit, which ultimately results in plenty of job opportunities for newbies and experienced people in Singapore. So, in this article, we will accumulate the information related to various units where one can find a job along with the yearly remuneration they offer to their employees. We will also take a close look at the additional benefits they provide to their employees prior to their salary.

Company : Micron
job : various
Location : Canada

Job Opportunities

Before we learn more about the job roles, their salary packages, and benefits that Micron is offering to their employees, it is vital to know what are the areas where you can apply for a job. So, here are the various divisions that you can choose as your career option.

  • Accounting & Finance: Managing the financial aspect is a big task of a company as enriched as Micron Technology. So, if you have experience in financial planning, then probably you should try in their Accounts & Finance departments.
  • Manufacturing & Production Operations: Micron works with cutting-edge wafer processing
    equipment to manufacture some of the world’s best memory technologies. So, if you think you are up for it, you can apply to be an intern or a professional.
  • Administrative, Legal, and Human Resource: This department act as a bridge between other working units. Some of the most recognized job roles that you can apply are Business Development, Communication, Customer Service & Support, Project and Program Management, Legal, and many more.
  • Procurement and Supply Chain: It is crucial for a company to make proper utilization of the resources and to deliver the right resources to maintain the balance of a manufacturing unit. This department does precisely that and always seek for people who are capable in this domain.
  • Technology Development: This is practically the Research and Development (R&D) unit of Micron. So, if you believe you are passionate about technology and willing to share your thought, then you should apply in this department.
  • Sales and Marketing: The Marketing team promotes a product in a worldwide market using prompt media, and after that, the sales team capitalize and accumulate revenue for the company. If you have a dynamic personality with strong determination, there is always a job for you in this domain.
  • Information Technology: Micron Technology is a semiconductor-based industry where the majority of the manufacturing pieces of equipment are digital. Therefore, it is an open door for all the engineers and professionals to contribute their knowledge and work here.

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Micron – Vacancies available

Salary Packages & Benefits

Micron Technology typically hires engineers for various departments which we will discuss later. First, we will talk about the benefits they provide to their employees prior to their salary. They provide benefits related to Family & Parenting, such as Child Care Leave, Shared Parental Leave, along with a decent CPF plan. They also offer Health Screening, Sick Leave, Medical Leave, and Team Building professional support.

Here are the popular job roles with the salary package the Micro offer to their employees.

  • Process Engineer: Typically, they receive an average of $45,000 per annum. Apart from that, $3,500 per annum as Cash Bonus, $500 as Stock Bonus, and $6,000 as Profit Sharing.
  • Senior Engineer: On average, they get an annual salary of $65,200. On top of that, they also receive a Cash Bonus of $5,775 per annum, Stock Bonus of $1,000, Profit Sharing of $5,800, and Tips of $15,840 per annum.
  • Product Engineer: The average salary that they get is $42,800 per annum. Additionally, they get Cash Bonus, Stock Bonus, and Profit Sharing of $3,650 per annum, $1,000, and $2,900 respectively.
  • Manufacturing Engineer: $43,200 per annum is what they get as their average salary. Prior to that, they also get a Cash Bonus of $4,000 per annum.
  • Software Engineer: The salary package that Micron offer to them is $44,402 per annum averagely. However, they also get a Cash Bonus of $4,500 along with some Profit Sharing cash benefits.
  • Database Administrator: A Database Administrator of Micron Technology typically receives an average salary of $49,500‬ per annum.

The Conclusion

Micron Technology is a booming company in Singapore with a lot of upcoming job opportunities, in spite of being a 40-year-old company. They have a fantastic working environment, decent salary packages & additional benefits, and has tremendous growth possibility, which every employee seeks.

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