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Company Overview

Nestlé is the largest food production company in the world when it comes to generating revenues. It is among the top 100 fortune 500 companies around the world which has its existence in every continent. Nestlé started its business in Canada in the year 1918. Some of the favourite chocolate brands in Canada are Nestlé products such as Kit-Kat, Coffee Crisp, Smarties, and Aero; followed by some notable Coffee & beverages, Ice-cream, and Frozen Dessert brands.

Now, after a millennium of successful business operation, they have more than 3,500 employees working in 20+ manufacturing, sales, and distribution units across the country. So today, in this article, we will discuss the job opportunities that the company offers. We will also talk about the salary packages and additional benefits they provide to their employees.

Job Opportunities

Nestlé is a worldwide company and follows a strict protocol. There are various divisions where you may get a job opening. So, first of all, we should know about those divisions where you can look for a job.

  • Retail: From Boutique Coffee Ambassador to Stock Specialist; the Retail unit deal with all the products that are available in retail stores. So, if you think you are up for jobs related to this domain, feel free to apply.
  • Sales: The Sales unit is arguably the most critical division for any company. The same applies to Nestlé as well. There are some notable job opportunities that you can try, such as B2B Marketing Manager, National Account Manager, and many more.
  • Marketing: Nestlé is one of the most successful businesses in the world because of the
    proper marketing of their products. There are ample job opportunities for fresh minds who can introduce new marketing strategies to help promote their business.
  • Finance: Managing finance is one of the toughest job roles in a company of this stature. However, if you believe you have the decent experience to become Finance Analyst or to manage O2C Customer Solutions, then feel free to apply.
  • Administration: There are many job roles in the administration unit. Some of the notable posts are clerks, HR, and admin assistants. They fill up the gaps and often act as a bridge between multiple divisions. There are, however, several posts that you can apply.
  • Logistics: The logistics unit deals with the safe transportation of the products from their manufacturing units to the retail stores. There are some crucial job opportunities that you can grab on.

Nestlé – Vacancies available

Business (Sales) Analyst (Loblaws)View & Apply
Category Manager (Walmart)View & Apply
Spécialise Marketing, Gestion de Produits et Expérience Consommateur (Contrat de 12 mois)View & Apply
Marketing Manager, Veterinary ChannelView & Apply
Marketing Specialist, Product Management & Consumer Experience (12-month contract)View & Apply
Product Development Specialist (14 Month Contract)View & Apply
Team Leader - BIM YorkdaleView & Apply
Boutique Team Leader - Carrefour LavalView & Apply
Bilingual VMI SpecialistView & Apply

Salary Packages & Benefits

Before we start exploring the salary packages that Nestlé offer to their employees, let us first know about the additional benefits they provide to almost every employee. They provide decent Insurance, Health & Wellness benefits like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Dental Insurance. Next, they offer Financial & Retirement benefits like Pension Plan and Retirement Plan. They don’t hesitate to provide Family & Parenting benefits such as Maternity & Paternity Leave and Work from Home facility. Apart from that, they offer Vacation & Time Off benefits like Vacation & Paid Time Off, Sick Leaves, and Bereavement Leaves. Finally, they don’t feel shy in providing Perk benefits like Employee Assistance Program, Employee Discount, Gym Membership, and Massage facility.

Now, let us know the salary packages they offer to some of the most typical job roles they offer.

  • Assistant Marketing Manager: The average salary of an Assistant Marketing Manager is $76,965. Prior to that, they also get a Cash Bonus of $3,570 per annum along with some Profit Sharing cash benefit.
  • Marketing Manager: Typically, a Marketing Manager gets an average of $92,749 per annum as their salary; along with that, they also receive a Cash Bonus of $12,773 per annum and Profit Sharing of $21,813.
  • Finance Manager: The Finance Manager gets an average yearly remuneration of $102,050. Apart from that, they also get a Cash Bonus of $16,192 per annum.
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist: On average, a Regulatory Affairs Specialist gets $64,364 per annum as salary.
  • Retail Development Representative: The average salary of a Retail Development Representative is $53,441 per annum along with $5,618 per annum as Cash Bonus.
  • Sales Representative: Usually, Nestlé offers $71,000‬ per annum on an average to the Sales Representatives. To add to that, around $11,500 per annum as Cash Bonus.
  • Production Supervisor: Production Supervisors of Nestlé typically gets $72,000 per annum as their salary.
  • Manufacturing Associate: The average pay scale of Manufacturing Associate is $32,500 per annum.

The Conclusion

Working in Nestlé is indeed a privilege. The work culture is illuminating, and there is always a chance to learn something new here. They have dedicated programs to recruit young students and train them as per their requirements. So, if you are a student, keep an eye on the latest updates available on their website. The salary package they offer is mostly satisfactory, along with the additional benefits they provide. Overall, Nestlé Canada is an excellent company to work in.

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