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Latest Job Opportunities at Instacart – Canada

Instacart is an American Grocery retain store chain with its headquarter located in San Francisco, CA. They are one of the best grocery stores that deliver Organic food at the best price in more than 5,500 cities. Instacart is a private limited company established in 2012. In just 8 years of operation, that are arguably one of the top-rated grocery franchise business in North America. In Canada, Instacart has the most significant influence in Ontario. However, over 300 retail partners are working in conjunction with Instacart all around the country, with more than 200,000 customers visit their stores every year. So, you can expect to get a job in those stores, especially if you are young and dynamic. In this article, we will explore the job possibilities that Instacart is offering to Canadian citizens. Also, we will discuss the average annual salary packages for some essential posts in the company. At the same time, we will talk about the additional benefits that most employees who work in Instacart Canada get.

Company : Instacart
Job : various
Location : Canada

Job Opportunities

When we are talking about the job opportunities the Instacart is offering in Canada, you must know of 3 divisions where you may find a job. These are as follows:

  1. Corporate Office: The Corporate Office of Instacart in Canada is in Toronto, Ontario. They have recently upgraded the entire office building and infrastructure. The Corporate Office is divided into several teams – Finance & Legal, Business Development, Customer Care, Design & Research Engineering, Field & Field Operations, Marketing & Communications, People, and Product. So, if you are an office guy, there are tons of jobs available for you – from clerical to accounts, from IT support to Client support. Everything is in this building, and you should look forward to every opportunity coming your way.
  2. Retail Outlets: This is where the main business took place. Naturally, here you will find the most job opportunities. You can look for a part-time job or a full-time job. You can try for the Cashier, the Crew Member, or if you have adequate experience, you should go for the store manager post as well.
  3. Logistics: This is a critical unit as it maintains the balance between demand and supply. There are tons of job opportunities available for you to cash in as this department deals with delivering goods throughout the country. From the safe packaging of Organic products to
    acquiring goods from retail partners, everything goes through this department.

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Vacancies available

Strategic Partner Manager - Retailer PartnershipsView & Apply
Director, Engineering (Fulfillment)View & Apply
Engineering Manager, Admin ToolsView & Apply
Engineering Manager, MobileView & Apply
Product Designer, RetailView & Apply
Senior Security EngineerView & Apply
Staff Full-Stack Software Engineer, Admin ToolsView & Apply
Staff Software Engineer, CatalogView & Apply
Application Support AnalystView & Apply

Salary & Benefits

According to many industry critics, the average pay scale that Instacart provide in Canada is mostly inadequate. So, we will dive in and learn what some of the crucial personnel receive from the company as their salary.

  • QA Engineer: A working QA Engineer of Instacart Canada receives more or less around $66,500 per year as their average salary.
  • Shopper: An Instacart Shopper working in any Canadian outlet earns around $17.5 per hour. So, typically it means they receive around $41,000‬ per annum. Apart from that, they also get roughly $2,500 per year as Tips.
  • Inventory Control Specialist: The Inventory Control Specialists of Instacart holds a crucial position in the company. However, the pay scale is not lucrative, as per most experts – $9.5 per hour. That stands around $19,500 per year.
  • Consulting Integration Engineer: Another integral job role of Instacart Canada is the Consulting Integration Engineers. Again, as per most experts, the salary package is below average – $12 per hour, which is around $25,500‬ every year.
  • Delivery Driver: A Delivery Driver of Instacart Canada typically earns around $1,000 per month. Now, if you calculate that on a yearly basis along with some tips, it stands around $12,500 per annum averagely.

Now that we know about the salary packages of some critical personnel working in Instacart Canada, you should also be aware of all the benefits that most of their employees do get. However, we are not guaranteeing that all the employees do get all the additional benefits that we will discuss now.

Similar to the salary packages that Instacart Canada is offering, the additional benefits are also slim compared to most other related companies. If we start with the insurance, they provide some basic plans with mediocre coverages. The medical insurance, as well as the pension plans, are almost non- existence. The are no retirement plans reported either.

Benefits related to family and parenting are somewhat okay with flexible shift time and occasional work from home options to selected employees. The vacation and time-off periods are also inadequate; neither there are any significant perk benefits in the report.

The Conclusion

Realistically, Instacart Canada is a decent company to work with ample job opportunities to choose. However, most people are not satisfied with the salary packages they offer and, of course, the insignificant additional benefits they provide.

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