Company Overview

When we talk about a chain of convenience stores which has an international repute, 7-Eleven is the name that typically pops up in our head. They offer a wide range of ready-made meals, snacks, and beverages. It is primarily a Japanese company incorporated in the year 1927. Back then, people recognized the company as Tote’m Stores, which was renamed as 7-Eleven in the year 1946. Since then, it has established its physical existence in 17 countries with 68,000+ stores current operating worldwide.

Things are running pretty well for 7-Eleven in Singapore; as the company opened 393 retail stores all around the country. With all these successes, there are numerous job opportunities for average citizens. So, in this article, we will elaborate on the job opportunities that 7-Eleven Singapore is offering. We will discuss the two major divisions where you can apply for a job. Also, we will reveal the salary packages they provide to the most popular job roles along with the additional benefits they offer. We will also discuss the point whether the salary and benefits they provide to their employees justify or not.

Job Opportunities

7-Eleven is an international brand of authentic food outlet which has numerous job opportunities to cash in. Whether you are a student looking for a part-time job, or an industry professional, there is a decent number of vacancies for you to get a job. Before we dive into the job roles and salary packages, we should know where actually you can apply for a job.

  • Retail Unit: As there are roughly 400 outlets in the country, it is obvious that the job opportunities in the retail outlets are bound to be higher than other units. More than 3,000 people work in their retail stores all across Singapore. Therefore, you should apply here; however, you got to be energetic and dynamic with a positive attitude. There are plenty of part-time job opportunities as well, which is best if you are a student. For industry professionals, there is an ample number of opportunities to become Store Manager or Team-Leader. So, if you think you are up for the challenge, 7-Eleven retail stores are a nice place to work.
  • Corporate Unit: The corporate unit involves all the necessary activities which run the
    business operations. Typically, it consists of Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Logistics, Information Technology, and Administrative jobs. All these operations are integral and mandatory for any company; 7-Eleven is not an exception as well. However, most of the corporate activities are not regulated in Singapore. Therefore, honestly, there are not much of job opportunities you can find, especially if you are a fresher or a student. Meanwhile, 7- Eleven values the experience factor, therefore they will offer jobs to those who have professional experience in this industry. You can keep an eye on their official website for any corporate vacancy.

7-Eleven – Career

Sales Associate[+] Greet customers and handles sales transactions in a fast and friendly manner
[+] Ensure shelves and displays are fully shelves and stocked
[+] Ensure that the store is kept clean
[+] Ad-hoc duties as assign by supervisor
[+] Location: Islandwide
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Shift Leader[+] Cashiering
[+] Merchandising
[+] Performing sales and merchandising reports for Store Operator
[+] Mentoring New Joiners
[+] Deputise to manage store in absence of Store Manager
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Store Manager
[+] Minimum two years of retail or relevant experience or Diploma or ITE Certificate
[+] Strong communication skills
[+] Excellent customer service skills
[+] Positive and "CAN DO" attitude
[+] Possess leadership qualities
[+] Strong potential with right attributes
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Store Manager[+] Plan, manage and oversee the daily activities at store level
[+] Maintain high level of customer service standards
[+] Supervise, coach and guide all employees in the store
[+] Responsible for the managing of work roster to achieve optimum staffing levels
[+] Location: Islandwide
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Field Consultant[+] Oversee a group of 7-Eleven stores
[+] Work closely with franchisees and store operators to plan sales strategies and implement corporate and merchandising strategies
[+] Explore and work on continuous improvement in daily operations
[+] Address and solve business issues at store level
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Salary Packages & Benefits

7-Eleven is often criticized for not providing satisfactory additional benefits prior to their salary. We will discuss the salary package in a moment, but apart from some Paid Leaves, they don’t offer many other benefits, especially to the executive level employees. No Insurance plans, no retirement plans, not even Maternity Leave benefits. We will discuss this later, but let us check out the popular job roles and the salary packages they offer.

  • Sales Associate: 7-Eleven of Singapore offer an average of $12,500 per annum to the Sales Associates as their salary.
  • Store Manager: On average, the Store Managers of 7-Eleven Singapore get a salary package of $29,000 per annum.
  • Retail Assistant: 7-Eleven offers an average salary package of $14,500 per annum to its Retail Assistants.
  • Senior Marketing Executive: A Senior Marketing Executive of 7-Eleven gets an average salary package of $46,000 per annum. On top of that, they also get an annual Cash Bonus of $6,000.
  • Retail Assistant: The Retail Assistants working in 7-Eleven receives a yearly remuneration of $14,500 averagely.
  • Cashier: 7-Eleven offers $10,500 per annum on an average to the Cashiers.

The Conclusion

After a concrete discussion, we can say that the average pay scale of 7-Eleven Singapore unit is not up to the mark. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, there are many grievances of the employees that regards to the additional benefits, which according to many employees, other companies of similar domain provide. Some of the notable missing benefits are related to Family & Parenting, Financial & Retirement, Insurance, Health & Wellness, Perks & Discounts, Professional Support, and Vacation and Time Off. So, we can argue a point, do they justify the salary they offer?

Well, as per our research, they do offer decent salary packages to their corporate employees. It is just the retail store employees where the employees believe they should get a hike. However, the company has tremendous growth, and it is easy for the students to get a job here. The work environment is also decent enough. So, it is not that bad to work in an international brand, after all.