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Latest Jobs at Canadian Coast Guard

Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is the official coastal guard service deployed by the government of Canada. This establishment was introduced back in 1962 with an intention to keep the beachfront area clean and safe. Some of the significant services CCG provides are marine search & rescue, resolving communication & transportation issues. Apart from that, it assists in navigation aids distribution in case of any natural disasters. CCG also maintain balance in marine water to keep it clean for inhabitants and sea life creatures. CCG has roughly 119 naval vessels and 22 helicopters for smooth operations. To add to that, they have several crafts of distinct sizes in their arsenal as well. The association works day and night for the overall betterment of the coastal region. For that, they offer several job opportunities that one may get interested in as well.

Company : Canadian Coast Guard
Job : various
Location : Canada

Role and Responsibilities

Most countries which are somewhere surrounded by seas or oceans have a naval armed force to protect from any external threats. However, that is not the case of the CCG. The Royal Canadian Navy, which is the designated military force of Canada, does the ground level protection across the nation. So, it is not the responsibility of the CCG to carry out law enforcement in marine life.

The CCG personnel carry out their share of activities in their designated vessels across the seas. They also have a set parameter of patrolling, which is 202,080 km across the coastline. It is by far the longest that any coast guard service offers around the world. In case of any emergency or crisis, the CCG can participate with the Royal Canadian Navy to deal with the situation accordingly.

List of Activities

The CCG doesn’t particularly join forces with the Royal Canadian Navy unless it is an emergency. However, there are tons of routine activities they must follow. So, here are some noteworthy mentions:

  • They assist travellers with quick navigation.
  • The CCG directs all the traffic management services related to marine life within the boundaries of Canada.
  • They participate in Icebreaking and other ice management services for safer transportation.
  • The CCG personnel make sure the Channels are working fine.
  • They actively perform Marine Search and conduct Rescue Missions accordingly.
  • They conduct measures to fight against water pollution.
  • In case of any natural or external threats, the CCG personnel come in handy and assists
    other Government agencies.

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Career Opportunities

The CCG is a big organization run by the Canadian government. So, you can expect tons of job opportunities ranging from Maritime Security Officers to Fisheries Managers. You can check out their official website for the entire list of jobs available right now. The CCG also offers job opportunities to students in Canada. One can take advantage of the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP), which is a dedicated agency for the students who are

searching for jobs. The wages are determined on the basis of academic qualification and physical attributes. The pay scale varies between $15 – $35 per hour depending on the factors determining the eligibility. We suggest you take a look at the official site for detailed information. Apart from regular job opportunities and jobs available for students, one can willingly be a volunteer in the CCG as well. There is an independent non-profit organization – Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RMCSAR), which has more than 4,000 active volunteers to support the cause. The Search and Rescue (SAR) department of CCG primarily consists of those volunteers from RMCSAR. They conduct exams based on the pleasure crafts and small fishing vessels. As volunteers, you can’t expect a remuneration. However, there are travelling and food allowances.

Vacancies Available

Maritime Coordinator, Marine Search and RescueView & Apply

BILINGUAL Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator
View & Apply
Operations OfficerView & Apply
Maritime Search and Rescue Crew Member: Inshore Rescue Boat NorthView & Apply
Vessel Repair TechnicianView & Apply
Chief OfficerView & Apply
Clerical/Administrative Support InventoryView & Apply
Commanding Officer – Small Vessel FleetView & Apply
DeckhandView & Apply
Electrical OfficerView & Apply

Important Programs that CCG conduct

Down below are the most significant programs that the CCG is heavily involved 365 days a year:

  • Search and Rescue (SAR) is one of the most notable programs that the CCG conducts
    throughout the year. The volunteers from RMCSAR mainly participate and contribute to this cause. Although there are plenty of full-time job opportunities that you can also be
    interested in whether you have experience or you are a student.
  • Not to confused with the Naval Army, this is a program deployed by the CCG to maintain
    minimal law and order as well as safety of the tourists visiting the coastal regions. Navigating ships and other water management activities, including Icebreaking, are the fundamental jobs of people involved in this program. Naturally, there are tons of job opportunities available for anyone to grab on.
  • The CCG make sure the water remains as less polluted as possible. So, there is a specific
    program which aims to make the marine environment safer and cleaner. This is again, a place where hundreds of volunteers participate and make it feasible.

The Conclusion

The Canadian Coast Guard is an incredible initiative by the government which creates hundreds of vacancies for the inhabitants and also intend to protect the marine life. So, kudos to the Canadian government!

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