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Latest Jobs at Hydro One – Canada

When it comes to electricity transmission and distribution service, no one comes close to Hydro One. Powering 1.4 million customers all across Canada, Hydro One is, without a doubt, the largest electricity distribution company in Canada. The company power roughly 26% of the total number of electricity connections in Ontario, covering nearly 75% of the geographic area of the province. Some of the major projects of Ontario is powered-up by Hydro One. Transmission System Projects, which is for Ontario’s electricity highway, is one good example. Other significant projects are Power Downtown Toronto, Lakeshore Transformer Station, Leaside to Main, and Waasigan Transmission Line. Hydro One also maintains healthy social relationship with indigenous communities all over Ontario. They conduct transmission assets on 23 First Nations reserves, which they also owned. They provide electricity distribution services to 88 First Nations communities. They are now a public limited company with their stocks available in the Toronto Stock Exchange since 2015.

Company : Hydro One
Job : various
Location : Canada

Job Opportunity

Hydro One is one of the biggest companies not only in Ontario but in Canada as well. Naturally, there are ample opportunities for people who match the skills required for the respective jobs.

  • Administration & Clerical Department: If you believe you are a team player, and staying
    inside the office is what you are meant for, then this is the right place for you to apply.
  • Management & Supervisory: Here is what you want to be. If you believe you already have the skills to manage or supervise a team, then this department is right for you.
  • Skilled Trades Department: Here is where the actual work is done. So, if you think you are up for the challenge, then feel free to apply for Skilled Trades jobs.
  • Professional: If you are a professional who holds skills like communications specialists, HR professionals, financial advisors, or engineering, you can definitely try to acquire job here.
  • Technical Department: Hydro One always seeking people for providing the grid, communications, drafting, and operating the system. So, if you think this department is for you, just apply!

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Vacancies available in Hydro One

Salary Packages

As discussed, a few times now, Hydro One is Ontario’s one of the largest companies. So, they always have lots of job openings all the time. However, we will discuss the average salary of the most typical posts.

  • Regional Maintainer I – Lines: Regional Maintainer I – Lines is a very responsible job that Hydro One offers. They provide an average salary of $130,440 yearly to the suited personnel.
  • Regional Maintainer I – Electrical: Another very respectable position where the responsibilities are immense as well. Meanwhile, they get an average salary of $133,709 yearly.
  • Regional Maintainer – Lines Union Trades Supervisor III: This is a managerial position, and Hydro One is offering an average salary of $141,124 annually.
  • Regional Maintainer – Lines Improver: For this prestigious job, Hydro One is proud to offer an average salary package of $123,019 annually.

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Apart from the basic remuneration that Hydro One offers to the qualified personnel, they also provide some noteworthy benefits. So, here is a list of benefits the employees of the particular post gets from the company.

  • Regional Maintainer I – Lines: Apart from the decent salary package Hydro One also offers an average bonus amount of $22,194 yearly. Not only that, but the Regional Maintainers also enjoys Vacation & Paid Time Off, Apprenticeship Programs and Workers Compensation. Of course, the Insurance, Health & Wellness plans are mandatory to all their employees.
  • Regional Maintainer I – Electrical: Some of the additional benefits that Electrical Regional
    Maintainers enjoy are Cash Bonus, Stock Bonus, Profit Sharing, and Commission Sharing. Apart from that, all the preliminary insurance plans like term-life, health, personal injury, and so on. They are also entitled to get benefits like Sick Leave and Job Training & Tuition.
  • Regional Maintainer – Lines Union Trades Supervisor III: Prior to the substantial salary, they also get Commission Sharing, Stock Bonus, Profit Sharing, and Cash Bonus. Then there are insurance benefits like Extended Health Care and Private Health/Dental Plan, prior to Life Insurance and Health Insurance. On top of that, Hydro One also provide Workers Compensation and a Retirement Plan.
  • Regional Maintainer – Lines Improver: Apart from the standard pay, the Regional
    Maintainer – Lines Improver get many benefits. To start with, they get the basic Insurance, Health & Wellness coverages, dedicated Financial & Retirement plans, Family & Parenting leaves, Perks & benefits, and several Professional Support like Diversity Program, Job Training & Tuition, and Apprenticeship Program.

The Conclusion

There is no doubt that Hydro One is one of the best companies in Canada. Therefore, you must understand that we have mentioned only a handful of jobs, salaries, and its their benefits. If you want the full picture of what are the exact ongoing vacancies, you can check the career section of their website.

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