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Latest Jobs at Canadian Pacific Railway

Company Overview

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) is the official railway company incorporated in the year 1881. The CPR owned 20,000 kilometres of railway tracks all over Canada – from Montreal to Vancouver, all the way to Edmonton. To add to that, it also connected to notable cities in the USA like Detroit, Chicago, and New York City. The company is conducting safe, secure, and efficient railway operations for a millennium and still going strong.

The CPR is a large company funded and operated by the Canadian government. It has more than 12,500 employees scattered all across the nation. Therefore, the CPR offers numerous job opportunities for the variable divisions they have. So, in this article, we will discuss all the divisions where you can apply to get a job along with the average salary packages they offer. We will also focus on the list of benefits they provide to their employees.

Job Opportunities

The CPR has many job opportunities; not only for the experience people but also for freshers, and even students as well. They offer decent salaries with some significant benefits that we will discuss later. So, first we will talk about the areas where you can find jobs.

  • Management Trainee programs: The Management Trainee programs were built with the purpose to prepare interested and qualified people and make them ready for the company operations. There are many operations that you can try including this one where your job is to let other people know what their role will be.
  • Train Conductors: CRP offers the Train Conductor roles for both in Canada and the US. No doubt it is a challenging job role, but the pay scale is significant along with the additional benefits they offer. So, if you think exploring the world is where you belong, this is the right opportunity for you.
  • Engineering: From a Track Maintenance to Signal & Communications, the Engineering department deals with sophisticated digital activities. Naturally, this job requires a lot of skills in this particular domain. So, if you think you are up for it, then apply now.
  • Mechanical: The mechanical unit deals with everything that exists in the company. There are numerous job opportunities that you can grab on and be a part of this elite division. This is where the real work is done. So, apply if you really want to sweat hard to earn money.
  • Police Service: There is a dedicated Police Service of the CPR to maintain peace and order not just inside the company but also from outside risks as well. The force aims to protect civilians, interfere in affairs related to the train delays, and helps to protect the assets of the company.
  • Transportation Operations & Customer Support: This department is designed to assist general citizens to transport their goods safely. There are job opportunities such as customer service executives, Operations executives, Rail Traffic Controller, and many more. So, if you think you are right in handling responsibilities, then this is the ideal job role for you.

Canadian Pacific Railway – Vacancies available

Signals & Communications Helper/Maintainer - MB
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Track Maintainer/Labourer - MB
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Signals & Communications Helper/Maintainer - BC
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Track Maintainer/Labourer - BC
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Salary Packages & Benefits

We will now discuss some of the key job roles and the salary packages they get averagely. But before that, you should know that most of the employees who work in the CPR get some common benefits. Most of the employees get Insurance, Health & Wellness benefits like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Extended Health Care. Similarly, they get Financial & Retirement benefit in the form of the Pension Plan. Apart from that, they get Maternity & Paternity Leave, Vacation & Time Off, and Employee Assistance Program.

  • Analyst: The Analyst in the CPR gets an average of $70,167 per annum as salary along with a Cash Bonus of $6,404 and Stock Bonus of $1,306 per annum respectively.
  • Conductor: The Conductor of the CPR receives a yearly remuneration of approximately $78,589.
  • Manager: CPR offers an average of $97,748 per year to the Managers. On top of that, they also get an annual Cash Bonus of $11,207 and the Stock Bonus of $10,820 per year.
  • Rail Traffic Controller: The Rail Traffic Controllers of the CPR get a salary package of $96,965 per year on an average.
  • Logistics Analyst: An average of $66,928 per annum is what the CPR provides to the Logistics Analysts. Plus, they offer $4,989 per annum as Cash Bonus and $866 per year as Stock Bonus.
  • Account Manager: An Account Manager of the CPR gets an average of $90,451 per annum as salary. Apart from that, they also receive a Cash Bonus of $5,449 as well as $20,524 as Commission Sharing annually.
  • Project Manager: A Project Manager gets a salary of $105,128 per annum on an average. Additionally, they also get $15,783 per annum as Cash Bonus.

The Conclusion

Canadian Pacific Railway is the pinnacle of railway service in Canada with job securities and packed with additional benefits. So, it would be best not to miss an opportunity to work with them.

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