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Latest Vacancies at American Express – Canada

The Amex or the American Express is one of the biggest multinational financial services which is located in New York, USA. It is one of the oldest financial institutions too, which was incorporated in the year 1850. Some of the popular services they offer is charge cards, credit cards, and traveller’s cheque businesses. Amex is in the top 100 fortune 500 companies in the world right now, and its services are available in almost all countries in the world. As of December 2018, they have more than 59,000 employees worldwide, and a certain percentage of those are in Canada as well. So, you can expect a lot of jobs to offer to you. So, what we do in this article is to find some essential people and what salary they get from this incredible institution. Also, we will learn what other benefits their employees do enjoy working here.

Job Opportunities

As we have mentioned before, Amex is a giant company. So, there are plenty of departments where you can look for a job. In fact, there are 12 significant departments where you can search for.

  • Data Science & Analytics: This is a department where the company relies upon to find stats that would help them to regulate business affairs. Apply if you have a knack in data management and research.
  • Consulting: In any financial institution, consultation is a pivotal role. A lot of multinational businesses seek financial advices. Thus, it creates a constant need for people with adequate communication skills. So, apply if you have confidence.
  • Customer Care: The key to sustain any business is to provide decent client support. Amex’s serves people all across the globe. Therefore, it is one of the ideal units to get a job without technical qualifications.
  • Design: Everything around us that we see to a design crafted by an individual. Amex, too, needs spontaneous modifications on various graphics on both digital platforms and print media. So, if you are creative enough, you definitely have a place here.
  • Digital Commerce: This department deals with all the new-age technology to serve the clientele. It is a never-ending race between all the business that wants to help their customer better than their rivals. So, it makes sense that they are always in need of the right people.
  • Finance: Amex is a financial institution. Naturally, they will need experts to maintain the flow of operations. Apply if you have experience in this domain.
  • Human Resource: The HR department is critical to acquire personnel with proper knowledge. They are also responsible for managing some crucial workforce issues. So, there is always a demand for people who can deal with other people efficiently.
  • Marketing: Promoting a business is a mandatory activity for any business. Therefore, it creates a lot of job opportunities, including options for freelance digital marketers. But of course, they have an in-house marketing department, and there are tons of work scope available as well.
  • Operations: The retail units of Amex require thousands of employees. It is after all, their operations unit, and thus, new opportunities will always be available there.
  • Risk & Governance: Any business only gets success when the governance body knows what they are doing. The risk management team should be capable of anticipating market risks. So, apply if you are up for the challenge.
  • Sales: There are hundreds of job opportunities with incentives for any individuals with pro- active selling capabilities. So, if you know you have the convincing skills, apply without any hesitation.
  • Technology: This is the IT department where people do two things – maintain the existing technical operations, and innovate new staffs. Apply now if you know you can do it.

Salary & Benefits

Let us check out some critical job roles along with the salary packages:

  • Marketing Analyst: Amex offers around $60,941 per annum as their salary. Also, they get $3,035, $1,086, and $2,172 as Cash Bonus, Stock Bonus, and Profit-Sharing bonus, respectively.
  • Senior Manager: Typically get around $1,08,941 per year along with $10,216 per year as Cash Bonus.
  • Customer Care Professional: Such professionals receive around $44,477 every year with Cash Bonus of $7,060, and Commission Sharing Bonus of 13,619, both every year.
  • Credit Analyst: They get around $41,411 per year as salary with also $2,623 annually as Cash Bonus.
  • Marketing Director: They usually get $1,46,884 every year. Alongside that, they also get Cash Bonus of $25,792 and Stock Bonus of $56,236 annually.

We must also count all the additional benefits they offer. Among the insurance plans, they provide Life, Health, and Disability plans. They also provide decent pension plans. Alongside that, there are maternity leaves and work from home options to applicable employees. There are even vacations and sick leaves available, and some perk benefits like employee discounts and employee assistance programs. Finally, there are diversity programs available too.

The Conclusion

The American Express is a fantastic company with an incredible career growth prospect. So, grab any opportunity you can whenever available.

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