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Latest Job opportunities at P&G – Singapore

Company Overview

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is one of the largest consumer goods corporations based initially in the US, incorporated in the year 1837. Today, P&G is a worldwide company that has its existence in almost every continent. The company is equally trusted in Singapore, resulting in associating with some renowned international brands such as Head & Shoulders, Ambi Pur, Whisper, Gillette, Pantene, Olay, Vicks, Pampers, and SK-II. The Innovation Centre in Biopolis is arguably the most extensive private research facility in Singapore right now.

With over 55,000 patents and more than two billion dollars investment in the R&D, you can expect plenty of job opportunities in this company. There are various divisions that you can choose as your career; we will discuss that later. However, in this article, we will focus on the vast diversity in job opportunities that P&G offers. Prior to that, we will also discuss the pay scale and the additional benefits they provide.

Job Opportunities

Here is a list of their operational units where you can apply:

  • Administrative: The administrative unit binds up the loose ends of the companies and often act as a bridge between two or more departments. You can try and apply for the posts like Administrative Assistants to R&D Technical Head.
  • Brand Management & Marketing: The brand awareness is what made a company famous, and it needs proper marketing strategies to sustain for a long time. Therefore, P&G depute several personnel to keep the wheel rolling, which opens the door for various job opportunities.
  • Communications: Communication is the key element to establish a working protocol. P&G has built a dedicated communication unit; which paves plenty of job opportunities that you can cash in.
  • Consumer & Market Knowledge: One of the primary reasons behind the success of P&G is the ability to predict consumer demands and market trends. They have deployed a dedicated unit for quite some time, and hence, there are ample of job opportunities.
  • Brand Design: You can choose from a variety of Designing job opportunities such as Packaging and Retail Designer, Delivery Specialist, Design Leader, and many more.
  • Finance & Accounting: The Finance & Account unit deal with financial obligation, legal affairs, and financial planning. As Procter & Gamble is a worldwide company, they always
    need experienced business advisors to manage financial matters, and therefore, you can get plenty of job opportunities.
  • Human Resource: On a company as big as P&G, managing employees is one of the toughest things to do. Therefore, the HR team should have to be competent enough to recruit new talents and sustain them for the betterment of the company. Naturally, they need many HR based employees to keep paddling the boat.
  • Information Technology: Technology is everywhere, and no company can escape its
    influence. So, if you are a techy guy and looking for a decent job. The IT department of P&G can be the perfect destination for you.
  • Logistics: P&G is one of the leading consumer goods companies in Singapore. So, it is quite apparent that they own a massive network of chain supply and logistic support. You can really look into this unit for some great job opportunities.
  • Sales: The Sales unit is the reason that makes them what they are today. There are thousands of sales-based jobs available for you to choose from.

P&G – Vacancies available

Salary Packages & Benefits

We will discuss the benefits that P&G offers first as most of them are more or less the same to all their employees. They get Family & Parenting benefits like Compassionate Leave and Shared Parental Leave. Next, they provide CPF as Financial & Retirement benefit. They also offer Travel Insurance plan and Team Building program as Professional Support. Now, we will discuss the salary packages they receive on an average.

  • Assistant Brand Manager: P&G offers $95,800 per annum to the Assistant Brand Managers as an average salary package. On top of that, they also get $12,800 per annum as Cash Bonus.
  • Financial Analyst: A Financial Analyst of P&G receives an annual remuneration of $63,100. Additionally, they also get a Cash Bonus of $10,500 per annum.
  • Consumer & Market Knowledge Manager: The Consumer & Market Knowledge Manager receives an average of $91,000 per annum as salary. Apart from that, they also receive a Cash Bonus of $16,114 per annum and Stock Bonus of $2,608.
  • Researcher: Typically, a Researcher of P&G gets an average salary of $40,800 per annum.
  • Senior Scientist: The average salary package that P&G offer to their Senior Scientists is $162,500 per annum.
  • OM/AR Analyst: An OM or AR Analyst of P&G receives an average salary package of $36,694 per annum. Prior to that, they receive $5,221 per annum as Cash Bonus as well.

The Conclusion

There is nothing much to conclude for this colossal consumer goods company. They offer a nice salary package and decent benefits for their employees. So, it would be best you don’t miss an opportunity.

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