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Are you Ready to work from Home? Work from Home Companies in Canada

The world, as we know, is on hold right now due to the coronavirus outbreak. Cities are in lockdown, and economies are shattering down in almost every country in the world. While most businesses are suffering massive losses, the Work from Home (WFH) companies are not much bothered. For them, everything is almost fine as they continue to work in every province of the country. So, in this article, we will list down 10 such incredible companies in Canada, where they work everything remotely.


1. U-Haul

The first company on this list is U-Haul. Primarily it is a moving equipment and storage rental company which is located in Phoenix, USA. However, their recent trend suggested that they are hiring lots of employees on work from home basis. There are job opportunities for sales reps, customer care executives, and reservation executives. What makes them unique is they offer around $8.50 per hour, which is for non-sales jobs. That is quite significant in Canada.

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2. Appen

Appen is primarily an Australian company which, over the years, have established a global presence, here in Canada as well. They use AI and machine learning techniques to improve data management processes for other companies. Now, the reason this company is on our list is that it offers a large number of outsourcing jobs. They evaluate search engines; hence in need of experts to pull it off. They provide a standard pay out of around $13 – $15 every hour.

3. Advanis

The third company on the list basically conducts surveys around the country – Advanis. Based in Canada, they have set a standard of conducting quality surveys, and later sell them at a reasonable price to the companies in need of those. Freelancers from all across Canada can try to earn money by conducting surveys. The pay-out varies a lot depending upon the nature of the survey. However, their commitment to payment is top-notch.

4. Intelichek

Intellichek is the next company that we will cover next. What they are offering as a Work from Home employee is to contact general Canadian residents to either promote or book appointments for a particular product or service. There are an ample number of jobs available and once to get to know the techniques, earning scopes are quite handsome. The flexible schedule of work will surely make you love to work for them.

5. AccuTran Global

Audio Transcription is one of the pinnacle Work from Home jobs already in the world. AccuTran Global is, of course, a global leader in the Transcription business. However, you have to pass the entrance examination to qualify for the job. But once you do, you can really look forward to an illustrious career working entirely from your home. Pay-out is time and most certainly matches the industry standards.

6. California Psychics

California Psychics, as you have guessed it already, is a California based company that offers Psychic reading services. So, if you are a resident of Canada or the US, you can apply for a job to them. The best thing is that everything is predominantly Work from Home model. Now, the pay cycle is typically weekly, and the pay-out is also reasonably standard.

7. Contract World

The next company that we will talk about next is Contract World. Based in Canada, this one is a hardcore BPO company that offers tons of job opportunities on the Work from Home model. A lot of companies like Pizza Hut, Loreal, The Shopping Channel, and many more rely on their services to convey their promotions or provide customer support. The average pay scale is $13 per hour.

8. Alpine Access /Sykes Home

The Alpine Access or more popularly known as Sykes Home is a typical Call-Centre company that offers a wide range of services to Canadian residents. If you qualify for the job you need to perform background checks, for which you will get up to $45. On top of that, their usual pay scale is $9 per hour on average. Of course, every working operation is on the Work from Home model.

9. Art &Logic

Another efficient company that offers robust customer care services using Work from Home model is Art & Logic. As the name suggests, they are more into promoting cultural events at various public places. The pay-out is decent and on time.

10. Arise Virtual Solutions

If you have experience in handling professional emails and respond chats to clients, Arise Virtual Solutions is one of the ideal companies for you. They are like a virtual call centre with numerous job opportunities to cash in. Of course, the pay-out is timely and industry standard.

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The Conclusion

These companies operate primarily on freelancing or Work from Home models. So, you can work for these companies without any worries. Unlike most companies that are facing an economic crisis, these companies work typically in the model to sustain amidst this pandemic.

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