Students Are Being Hired By Canada Border Services With A Salary Of $34 Per Hour

For those of you who are looking for their first job, want to earn some pocket money, or are planning to change the path of career, can try their luck with Canada Border Services Agency. Presently, the Canadian government is giving job opportunities to students for the designation of border service officers. No previous work experience is required to apply for this job. Also, the payment scheme is quite well in Canada Border Services.

In case you have a desire to offer your services to the Canadian government, you should not miss the opportunity to include a prestigious name like Canada Border Services into your CV.

Being a student border service officer (SBSO), you will be working with other border service officers to ensure the acceptability of goods and people into the country. As part of the job training, every selected student will be provided classroom and online lessons. Apart from that, the students will be mentored and trained closely during their field work.

Currently, the hiring of students is being done all across the nation and you really don’t need relevant work experience to get selected. However, your experience in Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) will be a great addition to your resume. During your job in CBSA, you can earn an impressive amount of $15.40 to 33.58 per hour. The salary will be determined according to your educational qualification.

Based on the job listing, Student Border Service Officers will do their field work at mail processing centres and international airports that are located in 19 different cities across Canada. Therefore, there are vacant positions in each province of Canada including large cities like Winnipeg, Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, etc.

This position does not include the responsibility for a firearm but as an appointed Student Border Service Officer, you need to take the following responsibilities :

  • It is mandatory to wear and maintain your uniform.
  • You need to work in different shifts.
  • You need to work overtime based on your potential.
  • A valid driving license is also required for your position.

Though there are not any particular criteria to apply for this job, every applicant needs to be a student. CBSA will prefer students of a reputed post secondary educational institute or students who will go back to full time studies in the upcoming academic session. Also, the applicant should be old enough to work in his or her preferred area or city.

In case you don’t fit in these requirements, the Canadian government is currently offering a lot of other job opportunities.

For The Role Of Student Border Service Officer

Average Salary: $15.40 to $33.58 per hour

Employer: Canada Border Services Agency

Who Can Apply: This is a perfect scope for those students who wish to begin their career with the Canadian Government, have some exciting work experience, or want to earn some extra bucks!

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