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Urgently Required for Costco – Canada

Costco is a fortune 500 company which is originally founded in the US back in 1976. Now, however, it is one of the most successful retail business around the world, most certainly in Canada. The product line is of a wide variety, and one surely gets whatever he or she is looking along with the exclusive business support merchandise. They have a strong sense of commitment quality of every product or services they offer along with a spirit of entrepreneurship among the staff members. As big companies need a significant supply of employees, Costco Canada is no exception. Thousands of peoples are getting involved in numerous job opportunities that they are offering. So today, in this article, we will discuss the job opportunities that Costco Canada is offering and some brief overview of the salaries and other benefits they are offering as well.

Company : Costco
Job: various
Location: Canada

Job Opportunities

We know that Costco is a worldwide retail company. But we will discuss the job opportunities they offering inside Canada. So, let us check out the various departments or divisions where you can get a job.

  • Warehouses: Several job opportunities are available in this division; from more technical posts like Audiologist or Pharmacist to more general jobs roles like Baker or Meat Cutter. Apply if you wish to work in a warehouse environment.
  • Offices: Costco Canada offers a lot of office job opportunities like Administrative Assistant, Finance, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Translator, and many more. So, if you wish to work in an office environment, this division is ideal for you.
  • Business Centres: The Business Centre of Costco Canada is in Scarborough. You can apply for various posts like Delivery Driver, Maintenance Assistant, Membership Assistant, Order Picker, Stocker, and many more. Apply if you near to the location or willing to relocate.
  • Depot: The depot division of Costco Canada has limited opportunities. However, these job opportunities are less competitive; so, if you hold these skills you can get a job quickly – Power Equipment Operator, Sorter, Truck Driver, and a few more.
  • Contact Centres: Costco Canada is dedicated contact centres to assist its customers to resolve any doubts or problems. Therefore, they always need of Contact Centre Agents. So, you can apply if you believe you have strong conversational skills.
  • Bakery Commissary: If you are willing to apply for Bakery Commissary job opportunities, then you must have the particular skill set for posts like Production Line Assistant, Production Line Clerk, or Sanitation Clerk.
  • Optical Labs: Optical Labs division offers some technical job opportunities like Coating Centre Assistant, Finishing Assistant, Maintenance Assistant, Technical Maintenance Clerk, and many more. Therefore, you need to be absolutely sure whether or not you are eligible to apply.

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Costco – Vacancies available

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Salary & Benefits

Now, let us discuss the salary packages Costco Canada is offering to its employees. However, it is next to impossible to let you know about all the salary packages that they are offering. So, we will discuss a few to guess how much it justifies.

  • Cashier: Costco Canada offers an average salary of $31,000 per annum to the Cashiers. On top of that, some general insurance plans like health, term-life, disability, vision, pension plan, and a few more. They also get a Cash Bonus of $4,442 per annum.
  • Department Manager: A Department Manager of Costco Canada gets a salary of $78,000 per annum averagely. Apart from that, they also receive benefits like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Pension Plan, Retirement Plan, Sick Leave, and Job Training & Tuition.
  • Bakery Wrapper: The Bakery Wrappers of Costco Canada receives $30,000 per annum averagely as salary. Prior to that, those employees also enjoy benefits related to Insurance, Health & Wellness, Financial & Retirement, Family & Parenting, Vacation & Time Off, and some Professional Support.
  • Stock Clerk: The average pay scale of a Costco Canada Stock Clerk is $27,000 per annum. However, there are some additional benefits like the regular set of insurance plans, retirement plans, pension plans, the set of leave benefits, and a few more.
  • Inventory Control Specialist: The average salary package that Costco Canada offer to an Inventory Control Specialist is $62,000 per annum. Along with that, they also provide life insurance, health insurance, retirement plan, pension plan, maternity leaves, sick leaves and many more. On top of that, they also get a Cash Bonus of $5,091 per annum.

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The Conclusion

Now when we have discussed the job opportunities that Costco Canada provides along with the average salaries and additional benefits, we can answer a question – do they offer a justified salary package to their employees?

Honestly, we feel Costco Canada fall a bit short on the salary packages they offer, especially when the company is a direct rival of Walmart. Walmart also provides salaries similar to Costco; the difference maker is additional cash benefits they offer. So, if Costco somehow facilitates more cash benefits, they can be as good as Walmart.

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