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Urgently Required for Rolls-Royce – Singapore

When we imagine a company, which is one of the leaders in industrial technology, then Rolls Royce may be the first name that we can think of. The company was co-founded by the dynamic duo Henry Royce and Charles Rolls, way back in the year 1884. They operate globally and has a significant existence in Africa, both the American continents, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Rolls Royce is massive in Singapore as well as more than 50,000 employees work for them. There are more than 18,000 engineers work for them for over 700 patents that they hold. By this, we can figure out the there are plenty of job opportunities that you cash in. However, it would be best if you had the suited skill set to get the desired job. So, in this article, we will pinpoint some of the areas inside the company where you can apply for a job. Along with that, we will reveal some of the salary packages they get along with some additional benefits.

Company : Rolls-Royce
Job : various
Location : Singapore

Job Opportunities

Rolls Royce has some of the cutting-edge technology to provide the best solutions for almost every industry. Meanwhile, we will focus on the employment opportunities that they offer to the country. There are internship programs for graduates and post-graduates; but if you are a commoner, then you can check out the various departments that we will discuss now.

  • Engineering & Manufacturing: The Engineering & Manufacturing unit of Rolls Royce believes in innovating new technologies consistently. Therefore, you will get ample opportunities whether you apply as an intern or a professional. You can apply for the post of Project Manager, Function Manager, Technical Specialist route, and many more exciting job roles.
  • IT & Digital: Rolls Royce has a promising IT and Digital innovation department which has spearheaded many revolutionary technologies over the last 100 year. While they are
    planning for the upcoming 100 years, they will need a lot of qualified individuals to pull that off. Hence, if you have the desired skill sets, then this is the best time to apply.
  • Business Roles: The reason that makes Rolls Royce so much successful is that fact that they have an efficient and competent management team. They operate over 150 countries, and therefore, they offer plenty of job opportunities to capitalize. You can try Sale & Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, or even in Administration job roles.

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Rolls-Royce – Vacancies available

Salary Packages & Benefits

Rolls Royce is a world-class company, and we expect them to offer decent salary packages. However, before we start revealing the salary packages, we should check out some of the critical benefits they provide to almost every employee. To begin with, they offer Insurance plans related to term-life and health. They offer Family & Parenting benefits like Maternity Leave and Child Care Leave. Next, they provide some Professional Support to interns or new employees such as Training & Education and Professional Development. Apart from that, there are also some Perk benefits and Financial & Retirement plans for selected employees. Now, as we understand the preliminary benefits they provide, we can check out some of the salary packages of some renowned job posts along with some cash benefits they offer.

  • Manufacturing Engineer: The average salary package that Rolls Royce provides to the Manufacturing Engineers is $53,403 per annum. On top of the Manufacturing Engineers also get some additional Cash Bonus.
  • Technologist: Rolls Royce offers an average salary package of $48,500 per annum. Not only that, but they also get a Cash Bonus of around $7,000 per annum.
  • Technician: A Technician working in Rolls Royce receives $28,000 as their average annual salary package. They also get roughly $2,000 as Cash Bonus.
  • Engine Assembly Technician: The elite Engine Assembly Technicians get a salary package of $33,500 as their average salary package.
  • Intern: An Intern of Rolls Royce Singapore receives a salary package of $12,000 per annum.
  • Assembly Technician: The average salary package that Rolls Royce offer to the Assembly Technicians is $31,500 per annum. On top of that, a Cash Bonus of $2,000 per annum and Profit Sharing of $6,000.
  • Human Resources Manager: A Human Resources Manager gets an average of $2,41,500‬ as their yearly remuneration. Apart from that, they also get a Cash Bonus of around $60,500‬ per annum.
  • Research Engineer: The Research Engineer gets $12,000 per annum on an average as their salary.
  • QA Technicians: Rolls Royce offers $32,500‬ per annum to its QA Technicians on an average basis.

The Conclusion

Even though there are some grudges by some of their employees here and there, Rolls Royce is an excellent company to work. The work environment is healthy yet competitive; the salary package is satisfactory, the additional benefits are decent enough, and last but not least, the career growth opportunities are worth mentioning as they are a worldwide company.

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